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  • Sanjay Maurya
    Stock Sub-broker
    Kalyan (Mumbai)

    I have been in stock market from past one decade and experimented with many charting platforms. However, my experience with ‘True Trader’ has been outstanding compared all others in the market, due its software quality and dedicated support team. I have built on my own trading strategies which I got customized & integrated in ‘True Trader’ very effectively. Not just customization, the inbuilt strategies simply excellent, which are helping me in timely decision making. I use Golden Spike for intraday trading and TTResearch for mid to long term investments. Its fully automated and simple, I dont need to spend more time on analysis. Life is very simple since I found A&P Technicals. These people are truly genius. After seeing the software presentation I made an instant decision to buy. I definitely recommend to all prudent investors/traders to buy this product – as a genuine software platform with effective research and analysis is must for profitable trade.

  • Deepak Singh
    Banking Professional
    Aundh (Pune)

    After trading based on lot of so called experts (tip providers) in the market, I realized (after losing money) that - ‘to make profit one has to learn, analyze and take decision himself’. The technical analysis training workshop conducted by the Agile & Pure has been good and provided me a thorough understanding. Their strategies are very simple and genuine. Before buying the product I was worried whether it is worth investing in it. The profit I got and more so, the peaceful mind (since I am able to generate return on my capital without much hassle) I feel the cost I paid to purchase the software is nothing. Whenever I am having doubts, I am getting it resolved with the A&P support team immediately. I am happy that I made a right decision by joining A&P technicals.

  • Chandrakant D. Sarawate
    Agricultural Department

    M/s True Trader

    I  am trading in equities as well as in futures, especially index future. I found the predictions of True Trader to hold good to the tune of more than 80 to 90%. According to my personal experience, in about 90% trades I gained and in 10% trades, there was no profit, no loss; but the trades were on par. For regular trader, the Golden spike and TT Research would guide nicely, provided that the trader follows the instructions of True Trader software perfectly.

    You have launched intra-day alerts too, but I have not tried. Let us hope that they also would yield something. I feel that for intra-day trading, the trader is needed to be more familier with the software. Of course, only practice will make a person perfect in operating it. The success may rise with some fine tuning, I hope.

    Thanks to the True Trader research Team and wish you all the best in future.

  • Dhanraj Rathod
    Scientist at IIT Powai


    I am a scientist working at IIT Powai. My field is totally different from share market. I was curiois to know about share market and one of my friend referred me to join the course of A & P Technicals.

    Initially I took the basic course. The course was truly informative, practical and also precise. Surprisingly such a wonderful session was free of cost. I decided to join the Advanced course of A&P next week.I did not get the time to study in depth before the course. I thought all the matter will be a big bouncer but faculty at A&P was very helpful. They have designed the course in such a manner that no preknowledge of share market was necessary. They cleared each and every doubt asked during and after the training sessions.

    At the end of the advanced course A&P also gave the software training. Finally i was confident to put my hard earned money in share market. This is because i learned the most important things of trade i.e.
    1) Exactly when to buy/sell? and
    2) When to book profits.
    I am than2) When to book profits.
    I am thankful to A&P team for such a wonderful training and also for a very user-friendly software (true-trader) which is genuinely increasing my interest and money in share market.

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