Advanced Technical Analysis Training Workshop

Technical analysis is a huge concept and one need not master all technical analysis concepts to make profit. We have designed the course with carefully handpicked topics which are widely used by experts in building-up the profit making strategies. Reading through books may take months or years to make you experts. However, our training session helps you learn the technical analysis in a easy way and in shorter duration. Already many of the traders/investors joined hands with A&P Technicals and started profit making journey. Come be a part of it ……

  • Practical Session on Chart Analysis
The training session not only involve explaining theoretical concepts but also some practice examples. Participants will be provided charts and will be taught how to make predictions. Individual attention will be given, so that every participant can make his own investment decisions. Our motive is to enable every participant to earn profit with the use of technical analysis knowledge in his trading/investing. We will be providing support for trading & investments queries, for the next ten trading days after workshop.
  • Money Management
Along with having sound technical analysis knowledge, it is important for a successful trader/investor to manage his hard earned money. We help you in your money management and help you decide – how much to invest, what should be the buffer money, what quantity to trade, how much risk your portfolio can bear etc.

  • Training Workshop Content:
  1. Introduction to Technical Analysis
    • Technical Vs Fundamental Analysis
    • Dow Theory
    • Philosophy and Rational
  2. Chart Preparation and reading
    • Line Chart
    • Bar Chart
    • Candle Chart
  3. Trend Analysis
    • Support & Resistance in details
    • Fan Principles
    • Channel Lines
    • Retracements
    • Gann and Fibonacci Fan Lines
    • Reversal Days
  4. Continuation Patterns
    • Symmetric, Ascending & Descending Triangles
    • Flags & Pennants
    • Wedge Formation
  5. Reversal Patterns
    • Head & Shoulder
    • Double Top & Double Bottom
    • Triple Top & Triple Bottom
    • Saucers and Spikes
  6. Technical Indicators Based Strategies
    • Envelops
    • SMA, EMA & Weighted MA
    • Double & Triple Crossovers Strategies
    • Bollinger Bands
  7. Oscillators
    • Interpretation of Oscillators
    • ROC, MACD, Commodity Channel Index, RSI, Stochastic (K%D), William’s %R,
  8. Japanise Candlesticks
    • Bullish & Bearish Candles Patterns
  9. Elliot Wave Theory