Why we are in this business?

We are a group of professionals working for long time in capital markets & financial services, who came together to develop technical analysis tools, which are helpful for taking decisions while trading.
Initially we were like any other retail investor incurring losses in trading due to lack of proper study of market trends or guidance from experienced professionals. Most of the professionals were (even still) busy in serving HNIs & Institutional investors. This encouraged us to wake up and review our mistakes. We understood that it is an ongoing process to improve ourselves in trading. The strategies we have developed are a unique blend of our years of experience with rich technical research. We are confident that the strategies which we have embedded into simple software will be a guide for successful trading and investments.
Agile and pure is a missing brick between the professional knowledge used by big corporate and retail investors.

How we help you?
We are here so you should not go through the phase of mistakes. Choosing genuine advisor is equally important as having the true technical knowledge. We want more retail investors to be associated with stock market over the long term, making money.
We have our own unique products and aslo training courses for beginners as well as for traders. We have designed our products and services in the way that beginners can use it more effectively in their investment as well as trading decisions.

Why we are UNIQUE?

Our professional services will provide you the right path to:
  1. How to find the right trade?
  2. What is the right time to buy or short?
  3. When to book profit?
Selecting an effective exit is crucial to a successful trade. In designing our system, We tried to remove subjective human emotions like fear and greed by specifying automatic exit conditions.

We want everyone to be in the stock market, because we know exactly how to make money and its our sincere effort of taking an initiative to aware people about all those secrets, and that is the main reason we do conduct stock market training and Technical analysis workshops.

Here are some of our specialities which makes us stand still ahead among others,
  1. provides you the best tactics and strategies, irrespective of the financial climate.
  2. We always focus on how you can gain profits even in times of financial turmoil, since most of the stock market experts go through great difficulty during this period.
  3. We provide step by step training modules so that you can keep it on hand and refer during times of need
  4. Agile and Pure believes in sharing knowledge rather than keeping it with there own. For providing that knowledge to the enthusiast we conduct training courses.
  5. We think of our customers first, if they will make money then only we will